Burkina Faso’s mining industry is considered one of the most dynamic on the African continent.

With its various large underground mines, Burkina Faso is not just growing its economy but also providing a large number of job opportunities for underground operators and engineers hoping to work in the sector. In addition, the increasing automation involved in underground mining means the field is able to become more productive than ever and has brought about more opportunities for skilled workers.

However, there is a critical skills shortage in the country’s mining sector.

As well as there being many opportunities in Burkina Faso for these professionals, but there is also a need for the critical skills of engineers and underground equipment operators. What is more, these positions come with good incentives and salaries – it may be surprising to find that along with engineering jobs, operator jobs such as jumbo operator jobs are high-paying. National, expat, and diaspora candidates alike all have the potential to have a successful engineer or operator career in Burkina Faso’s underground sector and are all encouraged to apply.

Underground excavator. Source: Unsplash

Sitting in the top five of Africa’s largest gold producers, and home to the ninth biggest gold mine on the continent, Burkina Faso has an economy largely driven by gold mining, after its largest economic driver, agriculture. The new Sanbrado gold mine, which began production in Burkina Faso 90km from its capital Ouagadougou in February 2021, has the goal to produce more than 300 000 oz of gold from open-pit as well as underground ores over the course of its first year, bringing even more opportunities to the country for mining professionals.

Although Burkina Faso may be famous for its gold deposits and gold is the most mined ore in the country, the metal is far from the only mineral exploited in Burkina Faso’s mining industry. Other chief resources of Burkina Faso are manganese, salt, marble, dolomite, pumice, cement, copper, limestone, zinc, and phosphate, and bauxite, vanadium, diamond, and nickel traces have been found in a range of rock bodies. This diversity of resources and the impressive development of Burkina Faso’s mining industry is probably the reason it is widely thought to be one of Africa’s most active and exciting mining industries.

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