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As the fourth-biggest gold producer in Africa, Burkina Faso has many opportunities for mining professionals, and scarce skills in Mining are in demand. CA Mining has extensive recruitment experience in Africa and our consultants specialise in placing highly skilled candidates, including locals, diaspora, and expats, in Burkina Faso mining jobs. See the job board where you can find mining jobs in Burkina Faso, from mid to high-level positions.

The name ‘Burkina Faso’ translates to ‘the land of honest people’. But the country once went by a different name: Upper Volta. Thomas Sankara, the nation’s former president, changed the name in 1984.




West African CFA francs


21.49 million

Official languages



Primarily tropical

Main religion



Burkina Faso generally relies on agriculture to support its economy. Due to this, the economy is fragile. This is because it is reliant on the weather. However, gold production has recently helped the economy’s growth.

Learn about our Underground Mining Operator jobs in Burkina Faso.

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