Are you tired of scrolling through countless job listings on LinkedIn in your job search, only to find that they don’t quite match your interests, skills or career goals? Luckily, LinkedIn, one of the best platforms for jobseekers there is, provides a solution to this common frustration: job alerts and job preferences.

By setting up these features, you can receive tailored job postings directly in your inbox, saving you time and increasing your chances of finding the perfect opportunity. This easy guide will walk you through the steps and tell you exactly how to set up job alerts and preferences on LinkedIn so you can streamline your job search and make it more effective.

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Guide to Setting Up Job Alerts and Job Preferences on LinkedIn

Step 1: Log into Your LinkedIn Account

First, log into your LinkedIn account by entering your email account and password. If you don’t have one yet, you’ll need to create a LinkedIn profile to access the job alert and job preference features.

Step 2: Navigate to the Jobs Tab

Once you’re logged in, click on the “Jobs” tab in the top menu. This will take you to the LinkedIn job search page.

Step 3: Perform a Job Search

In the job search bar, enter keywords related to the type of job you’re seeking. You can also specify the location and choose other filters to make the results more relevant to you. Then click “Search” to see the results.

Step 4: Set Your Preferences

Now, it’s time to adjust and choose your job preferences. On the job search results page, you’ll find a “Create job alert” button. Click it.

Step 5: Define Your Alert

When you select the “Create job alert” button, LinkedIn will prompt you to name your alert and set your notification preferences. It gives you the option to choose to receive notifications via email or through the LinkedIn app. Select your preference for how often you want to receive updates, such as daily or weekly.

Step 6: Save Your Settings

After configuring your alert settings, click “Save alert.” LinkedIn will now send you job postings that match your criteria directly in line with your chosen notification method.

Step 7: Manage Your Alerts

You can manage and make changes to your job alerts settings at any time by clicking on the “Jobs” tab, then selecting “Job alerts” from the dropdown menu. From here, you can edit, pause, or delete your alerts to keep them up-to-date with your changing job search goals.

Step 8: Adjust Your Job Preferences

Additionally, you can refine your job preferences by clicking on your profile picture, selecting “Settings & Privacy,” and then choosing “Job seeking preferences” from the left menu. Here, you can specify job titles, locations, job types, and more to refine your results.

Step 9: Enable “Open to Work”

One highly useful feature under job preferences is the “Let recruiters know you’re open to work” option which you can select. Turning this feature on will cause an “Open to work” banner to appear on your profile picture. Enable this feature to let recruiters and other professionals who are in your network or who come across your profile know you’re actively seeking opportunities.

With your job alerts and preferences set up, you’ll receive job postings that are tailored to your skills and career aspirations, and even potentially attract the attention of recruiters, employers, or professionals who can refer you to opportunities.

This streamlines your job search, allowing you to focus your time on applying for positions that truly align with your goals without wasting hours on a fruitless search. It’s a smart move that will help you stand out in the competitive job market.

Take advantage of LinkedIn’s powerful tools, and watch your job search become more efficient and effective. Happy job hunting, and good luck!

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