Geologist Jobs in Africa

Mining Geologists are needed all around Africa and there are positions available in numerous countries. Geologists are listed as one of the most scarce skills on the continent, and mining companies are continually seeking qualified locals, diaspora, and expatriates to take on mid to senior Geologist roles. Geologists are crucial for mining projects and play a key role during the exploration stage. Although many aspects of the mineral exploration process to do with geology are increasingly being carried out or aided with the use of automation, mine geologists still have many opportunities in the mining industry and will continue to do so. While technology may help with certain geological processes such as soil sampling, humans have the ability to interpret and use that data to ensure that extraction of ore deposits is profitable.

There is, unfortunately, a shortage of Geology degrees offered in Africa, which may partially explain the dearth of Geologists in the mining industry, particularly as the sector has experienced a huge boom on the continent.

Are you a qualified geologist who is currently job hunting?

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