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Mining activity in Africa and across the world is vastly picking up in pace due to an increase in demand and discovery and we have witnessed an increase in mining accidents due to the lack of mining safety equipment.

Mining safety equipment is so important however in spite of this, don’t you also feel that people (employers and employees) only react once it is too late? Only then does it dawn on mining workers and companies that that there could have been more done to ensure that no mistakes and accidents occur. There are simply too many workers who are injured and blinded because their eyes were not fully protected while working onsite for a mining operation.

mining safety equipment

If there is one thing that is simple when it comes to mining safety equipment it’s that with the correct selection and implementation of eye protection so many injuries would have not occurred.

Mining safety equipment for workers’ eyes can prevent the following:

  • Objects from flying into your eyes;
  • Contact with chemicals and other hazardous substances;
  • Poor working performance because one knows that they are not fully protected;

Most eye injuries probably occur because of the lack of mining safety equipment selection, not being 100% aware of the risks and improper fit.

mining safety equipment

Examples of what mining safety equipment can prevent:

  1. Eye mining safety equipment assists in the prevention of hard and sharp flying objects landing in your eye. These objects can be anything from large chips, fragments, particles, sand, and dirt.
  2. Tasks such as acid and chemical handling, degreasing, plating etc. can be extremely dangerous. With the correct use of eye mining safety equipment workers can prevent chemical in the form of splashes, fumes, vapours, and irritating mists land in and around the eye.
  3. Tasks such as woodworking, buffing etc. can cause harmful dust getting in the eyes of workers. Eyes can easily be protected from this kind of harm when wearing the correct eye mining safety equipment.
  4. Radiant energy, glare, and intense light from tasks such as welding, torch-cutting, brazing, soldering, and laser work can also be prevented with the use of eye mining safety equipment.

Eye mining safety equipment can ensure the highest-quality eye protection. Here are just a few tips on how to make use of the correct eye mining safety equipment:

  • Make sure protective eye wear can be customised and is adjustable. Gear that cannot be fit to an employee’s face is more likely to be removed than gear that fits well.
  • Examine goggles frequently for cracks, breaks, and loose frames. It is imperative to train employees to often look for and report such problems.
  • Regularly assess to determine if the current eye protection measures are adequate, especially when new procedures or materials are introduced.

So here is my question for all you mine workers, what eye gear do YOU wear? CA Mining believes safety comes first! To search for the latest jobs in Africa’s Mining Sector you can visit our Job Board:

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