BME, a South African company that provides specialised chemical services and products for the mining industry and other sectors, has created a device and app for logging real-time data from mine blast blocks: Xplolog.

The device enables miners to capture drill-hole and deck data on an Android device that then uploads the data to the company’s cloud software instantly when there is a Wifi or data connection for easy access.

How it works

Users get in-depth information for data on important facets of blasting block preparation and management. The data can be speedily accessed and used for data analyses, with the ability to explore each aspect of the data. This can be used by Blast Engineers and Mine Managers to plan and handle these operations in a way that maximises their effectiveness and precision.

The company has integrated its blast design software Blastmap which allows users to send blast design files to Xplolog to aid in real-time data logging.

A large-scale opencast mine in the Northern Cape region of South Africa is now using this technology in its operations.

Why is this digital blasting development significant?

Xplolog represents a further, encouraging, step towards smart, digital mining and quick, efficient mining operations. What’s more, the fact it is applicable to blasting is extremely useful; blasting comes in the earlier stages of the mining cycle, so streamlining and improving this activity would have a positive effect on all the stages that follow blasting, making each of them more efficient as well.

Enabling miners to access real-time data on blasting indicators and measurements such as explosives and holes greatly enhances blasting preparation. While blasting-related indices, such as drill-hole depth, width, and so on, are logged on the app, it performs calculations that help miners plan and carry out quality, controlled blasting activities based on accurate measurements and real-time observation of preparation progress.

It also enables Blast Engineers and Managers to rectify changes and deviations that could weaken the fragmentation and control of blasts.

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