Driller Jobs in Africa

CA Mining has been recruiting local, diaspora, and expat talent for mining drilling jobs in Africa and international markets for 15 years. Our reputation for sourcing quality talent for jobs in mines has been built through our work with global mining corporations who depend on us to find best-fit candidates with particular skills that meet our clients’ specific needs. We have a dedicated mining job board for professionals looking for drilling jobs at mid to senior levels. Our consultant team has extensive recruitment experience and an in-depth understanding of the African drilling industry and places mining professionals with scarce skills in drilling jobs located in remote and harsh regions in Africa and globally. Some of these positions include:

Otherwise known as a drilling foreman, a drilling supervisor works on oil extraction sites helping to build and shape operational plans and overseeing drill operators.

Drill Operations Director / Manager
A drill operations director or manager is in charge of the whole drilling facility. They are responsible for coordinating drilling projects and operations as well as project managers and contractors. They analyse oil and gas reserves and expand oil and gas fields, and handle the logistics of moving equipment to different sites. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Drill operations directors and managers have a whole host of other responsibilities in this high-paying role.

Zone Manager
A Zone manager coordinates with regional managers to achieve the desired financial results for the company.

Diamond Driller
Diamond drilling machinists cut through particularly strong and unbreakable materials using specialist machinery with diamond drill bits. Diamond drillers need to have a good level of physical fitness for this demanding job.

Driller and Blaster
Drillers and blasters have different positions with similar roles and are employed for work at quarries, mines, and construction sites. They work jointly and both carry out blasting and drilling. Duties that both drillers and blasters are responsible for include packing explosives in blast holes and operating drilling machines to bore blast holes.

Other drill operation roles include:

  • Drill Mechanic Fitter
  • Drilling Offsider
  • RAB Driller / Supervisor
  • RC Driller / Supervisor (Reverse Circulation)