Last month, the CA Mining team had the incredible opportunity to learn from a true luminary in the field of Metallurgy and Processing, Shani Engelbrecht, an inspiring woman in mining.

With Women’s Month approaching, the team decided to celebrate women in mining early by spending the day with Shani and getting to know more about her remarkable achievements in the mining industry.

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Shani’s visit to CA Mining’s headquarters was a generous gesture, where she shared her expertise and led an educational session about her field.

About Shani

Shani is a qualified Chemical Engineer with over 15 years of experience in the process metallurgy and mining chemicals sector. Her passion for the mining industry and her commitment to fostering growth and development make her a true boss lady.

Recently, Shani took up the role of Executive – Commercial Products at AECI Mining Chemicals, becoming one of the youngest females ever to be appointed to an executive role in South Africa’s mining industry.

Widely recognized as a leading expert in Metallurgy and Processing, Shani has made significant contributions to the field, including pioneering innovative processes that have revolutionized the sector. She also mentors and shares advice and knowledge with young students and professionals in the metallurgy field, contributing to research publications and serving as a sought-after speaker at various conferences.

Shani’s extensive practical experience allows her to bridge the gap between theory and real-world applications, making her insights invaluable for professionals at all career stages.

The team’s day with Shani

The session with Shani was a fantastic opportunity for the team to expand their knowledge and enhance their professional growth. Shani delivered an enlightening presentation titled ‘Mining Magic: The what, where, why and who.’

Her presentation covered topics such as the PGM mineral value chain, the importance of mining for South Africa and the world, commodity distribution globally, and career paths in the mining industry, including the required qualifications.

Takeaways from the team: What we learned

The session with Shani proved to be highly valuable and insightful for the entire team. Here are some key takeaways shared by a few of the consultants:

Olivia Trollope

Olivia praised Shani’s expertise and preparation as a speaker. She found the breakdown of the metallurgy process from exploration to different refining methods, like hydrometallurgy and pyrometallurgy, to be particularly interesting. Olivia was also inspired by Shani’s journey, starting as an operator in a mine and achieving so much in the mining and mineral industry.

Aurelien Bouic

Aurelien described the training session on PGM/Metallurgy and processing techniques as engaging and informative. He gained valuable insights into the significance of the mining industry in South Africa and globally. Aurelien was amazed by the value of precious metals like rhodium, which has reached an astonishing $173.61 per gram.

Christo Van Der Ham

Christo highlighted the significant shift towards tailings processing in South Africa, emphasizing the importance of extracting valuable minerals and resources from waste materials. He also learned about the crucial role of precious group metals (PGMs) in supporting the automobile industry, contributing to cleaner and greener transportation solutions.

Lucia Baeza

Lucia found the ore extraction process of PGMs and the value of certain metals, like rhodium and palladium, to be surprising and insightful. She appreciated the indirect contribution of mining practices to South Africa’s GDP and employment, particularly in supporting the automotive industry.

Mitchill Wernich

Mitchill was impressed by Shani’s passion and knowledge, which made the session enlightening for everyone. He expressed hope for Shani’s future visits to learn more from her expertise.

Special thanks were given to CA Mining Recruitment Consultant, Christo Van Der Ham, for arranging the meet-up, and a huge appreciation to Shani for sharing her wisdom and knowledge with the team.

This day spent with Shani Engelbrecht was truly a celebration of women in mining and a valuable opportunity to learn from a remarkable professional in the field of Metallurgy and Processing.

A day well spent!

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