Our final interview of women at the top of their careers in the mining and related fields, is none other than Vivienne Gower, Managing Director of CA Mining.  Vivienne Gower, fondly known as Viv amongst her peers, joined the CA Global Group and built CA Mining into the global powerhouse it is today. Under her leadership CA Mining has grown to include Oil & Gas, Engineering and Power & Renewables in their portfolio.

Breaking into a male-dominated industry as a woman may seem daunting but it is becoming a welcome trend. We look forward to Viv sharing her wisdom to inspire others to do the same.


What do you love most about your job?

I thoroughly enjoy working in a technical space within a multicultural environment. Our focus is in South Africa as well as the rest of Africa and as such I love learning all about our various cultures as we all collaborate to meet the various goals set out by industry leaders.  I love my team and I love seeing how they all grow as individuals and how we all function as a unit.

What do you think are the most important attributes of successful women today?

Being fiercely feminine and having the courage to own who you are – whatever that is or looks like. You will never be able to be everything to everyone. But by being yourself and owning the woman you are – you will boost your confidence immensely, as confidence in its own right is an attribute of success.

What can women in leadership positions do to support others in the industry?

Let’s not contest but connect; together we can do so much more. Let’s listen more, encourage more and be brave enough to move through challenges together.

What advice can you give that can help women achieve a more prominent role in their organisations?

Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts and insights – have the confidence to challenge ideas. If we – as fiercely feminine women – are able to understand and believe in our creativity and ideas, we would be able to overcome plenty more challenges within our organisations.

We have nothing to lose… only so much more to gain!

What do you predict for the future in mining for women?

Women are becoming more resilient; pulling ourselves up every time we fail. We are taking on challenges in the classroom, in training centres, in the pit, underground and in the boardroom; and due to us equipping ourselves and understanding how to take on these challenges, we are changing the status quo about our abilities and gender bias.

We are embracing the opportunities and becoming more technical and stronger in an environment that was once only meant for men. With our resilience, confidence and ability to lift ourselves and those around us up, we are going to be a force that will be relied on within the mining industry.

And there you have it – advice from three South African women who are at the top of their careers, continuously breaking barriers. We interviewed Raksha Naidoo and Ashanika Perimal CA (SA) who also shared some advice working in the mining and related fields. We hope that this series has inspired women to reach their dreams no matter the sector, no matter the odds!