CA Energy is a new branch of CA Mining which exclusively focuses on the ever-growing renewable energy field in Africa and beyond. Renewable energy has proven to grow along side the mining sector in a synchronous, or as we like to say, harmonious way. The Mining giants need immense amount of energy to power them along, leaving them dependent on renewable energy sources. This mutualistic relationship has allowed for an ever-increasing market that we, at CA Mining, saw an attractive opportunity in, to provide our multi-industry counsel whilst driving the Just Energy Transition.

In a recent interview with CA Energy’s managing lead Mitchill Wernich, light was shed on valuable insights into the dynamic landscape of job opportunities within the African renewable energy division. The conversation delved into the diverse roles available, the significance of branching out into renewable energy, the challenges faced by professionals, and the role of salary bench-marking in acquiring top talent. Let’s dive into the key takeaways from this illuminating interview.

CA Energy handles a wide array of assignments within the industry. From technical Wind Engineering Managers to commercial Business Development Directors, the company recognizes the importance of a holistic approach. Our professional recruitment team encompasses expertise in engineering, finance, commerce, legal, and general management. This diverse skill set, with roots stemming from 17 years of African headhunting expertise, allows CA Energy to better advise clients, especially those entering the African market, our bread and butter, for the first time.

CA Mining encourages the transfer of skills from the mining industry to renewables, acknowledging the potential value it adds to a division facing a scarcity of skilled professionals. For instance, mining corporate finance professionals can bring fundraising, modeling, and business case structuring skills to a renewables team. Similarly, ESG and Law professionals with experience in the regulation-heavy mining industry can offer valuable insights to the renewable energy division. This makes CA Mining’s energy department a valuable and skilled recruitment advisor. With our 17 years of experience in the African mining sector, our contribution is precious.

The decision to establish CA Energy exclusively focusing on renewables stems from the substantial growth in the industry. With renewable energy sources there is an efficient future for the African mining, energy and engineering sectors. Simply put, renewable energy is the answer to a healthier, more environmentally cautious future for both our planet and future generations of energy professionals and engineers. As said by Mitch, “We deem this change important to cement our commitment to this industry and showcase our continued engagement to our candidates and clients that are driving the global energy transition”. The growing renewable energy market has led to an increased demand for skilled professionals. The industry’s expansion has resulted in larger projects, increased financial controls, legal frameworks, IPOs, Private Equity raises, and a heightened focus on ESG requirements. The synergy between mining and renewable energy, such as wheeled power agreements and EV / Hydrogen equipment, has further driven the demand for crossover skill-sets. Thus, branching CA Mining out to renewable energy was organic and hugely necessary.

In the comparatively immature employment market of renewable energy in Africa, competitive salary rates can be challenging to determine due to the high variability within a relatively small talent pool. CA Mining’s market intelligence department known as Insights emphasizes that employers and candidates partner with talent advisors who have access to such salary bench-marking information. At Insights, we conduct annual salary surveys which feed our highly accurate salary reports for both of our Mining and Renewable Energy departments. This approach allows companies to find the right talent match and adjust salary weightings accordingly. Our Salary reports empower job seekers with the scarce knowledge and confidence they need to acquire fair compensation packages in the renewable energy department. Mitch suggests that virtually all companies in the renewable energy mining department could benefit from accurate salary surveys such as those composed by Insights. Established players can ensure competitive remuneration for talent retention, while new entrants can attract top talent even if they are not well-known in the industry. Additionally, the rapid growth of the renewable energy market, combined with new entrants, has led to high turnover within teams, emphasizing the importance of competitive salary bench-marking in retaining talent. Insights is here to provide the data intelligence lacking from the professional field of Renewable Energy, year after year, ensuring that employers have accurate salary bench-marking resources to acquire and retain the industry elite and that employees have the bargaining chip they need to ask for the compensation they deserve.

In conclusion, the interview with CA Energy’s Managing lead, Mitchill Wernich, sheds light to the significance of salary bench-marking, on the evolving landscape of job opportunities in renewable energy, the transferability of skills from mining, and the challenges faced by professionals in this dynamic sector. As the energy transition continues to gain momentum, the demand for skilled individuals with diverse expertise is expected to rise, making strategic talent acquisition and retention crucial for success.

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