For the first time ever, we are introducing the CA Mining Salary Survey designed for expatriates in Africa’s mining community. There are many benefits of partaking in salary surveys for the participant as well as expat workers in the mining sector as a whole.

When taking part in our optional survey, you are becoming a part of a unique experience – one that helps differentiate and set industry standards.

All information gathered from your anonymous participation will be used in our industry-specific benchmarking reports. Take the salary survey here.

Why we created the CA Mining Salary Survey

We would like to give back to the mining community by sharing content in the form of infographics and short reports on salary ranges, industry trends, and more.

With these, we can provide you with valuable knowledge about the mining sector and what you should expect from it as an expatriate employee.

Completing this survey and helping us to gather data for industry and salary analyses has no disadvantages. Here is more information on what happens when you take a salary survey, and the advantages of doing so.

Benefits of participating in the CA Mining Salary Survey

  • Participation will result in us being able to gather industry-specific information to present to you
  • We give you feedback in the form of infographics and content based on the analysed data
  • Allows you to gain a better understanding of the industry averages for total pay, salary, benefits, and so on
  • Improves your understanding of the mining sector across Africa
  • Helps you to get a better understanding of expatriate demographics across Africa
  • Provides you with insight into high-demand skills and occupations across Africa
  • Makes it possible to identify trends and patterns in regard to mining expatriates, hiring, salary, and more
  • Allows us to keep you updated on industry trends
  • Allows us to keep you updated on hiring demands according to region, occupation, discipline, and so on
  • Helps us to understand how expatriate salaries in Africa compare with other regions of the world
  • Creates a mining community that is included, informed, and empowered
  • Establishes a platform that provides real-time, accurate, and useful sector information
  • Helps us to highlight regions that have high expatriate activity, directing your job search efforts.

If the above sounds good to you and you would like to be a part of an informed expat mining community, take part in our Salary Survey now.

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