In the competitive world of mining recruitment, Mia Roberts shines as a beacon of expertise, specializing in providing recruitment solutions for French-speaking clients at CA Mining. With a background in education and a passion for empowering individuals in their careers, Mia’s journey into the mining recruitment field is a testament to her dedication and unique approach to talent acquisition.

Mia’s transition from a decade-long career in education, predominantly teaching French, to the dynamic field of mining recruitment was fuelled by a desire to extend her influence beyond the classroom. Her innate ability to connect with people and understand their needs drove her towards a path where she could help individuals find success in their careers. Mia’s belief in the power of language and culture in communication resonates deeply in her recruitment strategies, where she goes beyond translations to deeply understand the needs and connect with her French-speaking clients.

As a woman in a traditionally male-dominated industry, Mia faces challenges with unwavering confidence and self-assurance. When asked how she has navigated the challenges coupled with working in a male dominated industry, Mia responded with no hesitation, “I love being a woman! I own it and I have absolute faith in my abilities regardless of my gender, which is evident to all when I open my mouth and speak. Throughout my entire life, the biggest lesson I have learned as a woman, in any industry, is to trust your gut!” Trusting her instincts and abilities, regardless of gender stereotypes, Mia paves the way for women in the mining sector by demonstrating resilience and determination. Her firm belief in empowering women and embracing diversity reflects in her work, where she strives to make a lasting impact in the mining recruitment industry.

Balancing the demands of a successful career with the responsibilities of being a single mother is no easy job, but Mia tackles it with grace and determination. Prioritizing time with her son and maintaining a work-life balance is crucial for Mia. Her biggest motivation to succeed in life is her son, and the kind of role model she hopes to be for him, hoping that one day he will echo her impressive work ethic. According to Mia, the mom-guilt persists no matter what, when being a dedicated employee but as they say: It takes a village and sometimes a vineyard!

Her advice to fellow single parents echoes the importance of self-care and finding a supportive community to navigate the complexities of balancing work and family.

Mia’s expertise in providing recruitment solutions for French-speaking clients in the mining sector goes beyond language proficiency. By understanding the cultural nuances and specific needs of her clients, Mia creates a bridge that connects hearts and minds. Her unique approach, rooted in respect for individuality and cultural diversity, ensures that nothing is lost in translation, enabling her clients to build unstoppable teams that drive success.

At the prestigious Investing in African Mining Indaba 2024, Mia had the opportunity to engage with French-speaking clients, providing them with a welcoming and personalized experience in their mother tongue. By fostering a sense of comfort and understanding, Mia was able to delve deep into their needs and aspirations for the future of mining in Africa, showcasing her ability to connect on a cultural and professional level.

To better serve her clients, Mia stays abreast of industry trends and developments through continuous learning and engagement. Whether through reading industry publications or leveraging personal connections for valuable insights, Mia’s dedication to staying informed ensures that she provides cutting-edge recruitment solutions tailored to the evolving needs of the mining sector.

As a Francophone Recruiter at CA Mining, Mia embodies the values of innovation, expertise, and personalized service that set the company apart in the mining recruitment industry. With a global reach, extensive industry knowledge, and a commitment to individualized solutions, CA Mining, for the last 17 years, stands out as a trailblazer in providing recruitment services for mining and renewable energy clients and candidates in Africa as well as Spanish and Francophone Global regions.

Mia goes on to quote one of her idols, Gabrielle Chanel, “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.”  With that in mind, she believes that what sets CA Mining apart from other recruitment firms in Africa is our deep industry expertise, global reach, and commitment to personalized service. We understand the unique needs and challenges of our clients and candidates and tailor our approach accordingly. Our bilingual team members, extensive network, and innovative recruitment strategies ensure that we consistently deliver exceptional results and exceed expectations without fail.

Working at CA Mining is an exciting and rewarding experience. Every day brings new challenges, opportunities, and the chance to make a meaningful impact in the mining industry. A typical work-from-office day at CA Global is characterized by collaboration, innovation, and a supportive team environment. We start the day with hot coffee and even hotter success stories, share updates, share our insights and inputs where and when it is needed. Throughout the day, we work closely with clients and candidates, leveraging our expertise and resources to drive successful outcomes, all with a breath-taking view of Table Mountain from our windows.

What excites me most about being part of the CA Mining team is the opportunity to work with talented professionals from diverse backgrounds, make a positive difference in people’s lives, and contribute to the continued growth and success of our clients and candidates.


We at CA Mining, are proud to have a dedicated, passionate, and enthusiastic team member like Mia Roberts. Her sunshine aura and refreshing energy makes the office all that more vibrant. She is beyond a recruiter; she is a strong independent woman who values human connection and making a difference in people’s lives. One placement at a time, Mia is on her way to achieving her goals and dreams: serving as a proud and astonishing role model for her son.