Governments across Africa have taken a strong approach for topics concerning mining safety and has pledged a commitment towards strengthening safety for the workers who operate within the mine.

South African Government has highlighted that there will be no compromises concerning Mining Safety. Strict plans and meaningful efforts have been made in refining mining safety and the aim to avoid accidents is the regions number one goal.

South Africa’s President, Jacob Zuma, confirmed plans which focus heavily on maintaining mining safety procedures as a means to minimise fatal accidents which have affected victims’ families of all kinds. The utmost influence of mining accidents can be found among the victims and those family members who are still suffering because they have lost a loved one.  Most of these workers are the breadwinners of big families who essentially provide the rest of the family with means to survive; food water and shelter.

South Africa’s mining sector needs offer real support and make room for no mistakes and danger.

The matter of safety within mines stretches beyond just governmental issues, it stretches towards the mining corporations, additional employees and the constant danger of mine closures and occupation losses!

It’s no secret that mining businesses suffer tremendously in production losses post the loss of lives because of frequent and now normal shutdowns. These shutdown are controlled by the government for various reasons such as examinations and work strikes by union members who promise to stop labour for a day to mark the death of colleagues.

Government officials are well aware that people within the mining sector feel that regardless of improved legislation, the mining industry and government are not working hard enough to ensure mining safety.

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