South African Minerals boost the country’s economy in so many ways. 

South African minerals are top quality and are some of the world’s greatest. South African minerals are abundant and make up a massive portion of the entire world’s production. South African minerals have produced some of the biggest game players in the industry world-wide.

The total value of South African minerals are said to be worth roughly R20.3-trillion and in terms of GDP value the country is projected to contain the world’s fifth-largest mining.

On a global scale, South Africa comprises the biggest reserves of manganese and platinum group metals. Additionally, South Africa is also home to some of the biggest gold, diamonds, chromite ore and vanadium reserves. South Africa is also a major producer of coal, manganese and chrome are also mined and form part of South African minerals.

With the country’s economy heavily reliant on gold and diamond mining, South African minerals are vital foreign exchange earners.  There is considerable potential for the discovery of other world-class deposits in areas yet to be that will add immense value to South African minerals.

South African minerals include precious metals and minerals, energy minerals, non-ferrous metals and minerals, ferrous minerals, and industrial minerals. Given the history concerning South African minerals it’s no wonder the countries mining companies are top players in the global industry.

Global high grade processing services work with carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, gold and platinum. South African minerals have elevated the country to be a world leader of new technologies, such as a ground-breaking process that converts low-grade superfine iron ore into high- quality iron units.


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