Within Africa at least, Government has taken a strong approach for topics concerning mining safety and has pledged a commitment towards strengthening safety for the workers who operate within the mine.

South African Government of South Africa has highlighted that there will be no compromises concerning Mining Safety. Substantial gains have been made in refining safety over numerous years, and avoidable accidents can’t be permitted to erode the hard-earned gains that have been made over time. In an address delivered to the National Union of Mineworkers, President Jacob Zuma confirmed the plans to emphasise on enforcing safety procedures to control mining demises which have offended the victims’ families and even the general public. The utmost influence of mining accidents can be found among the victims and those family members grieving and battling with their loss. Most of these workers are the breadwinners in big African families who ultimately rely on these workers in order to eat, travel and essentially survive. Government is also revising black ownership targets within the mining industry. We need to dynamically show support and establish a culture of zero harm within the mining industry.  The safety records of mines in South Africa have transformed into a central matter globally and will be positioned under the scrutiny of government. The matter of safety within mines however also expands much further towards the mining corporations, additional employees and the constant danger of mine closures and occupation losses! It is known that mining businesses ache in production losses after the loss of lives due to monotonous shutdowns stipulated by the government for examinations, and work strikes by union members who promise to stop labour for a day to mark the death of colleagues. President Zuma commented that people feel that in spite of progressive legislation, the mining industry and government are not working sufficiently or hard enough in order to guarantee that they, too, fully gain the benefits of the mining activities that are currently undergoing. Source