The tremendously rare metal that occurs at a concentration of only 0.005 ppm found in the crust of the Earth is …. PLATINUM! Often, people typically confuse themselves between silver and platinum however they are far from the being the same.

Unlike gold platinum is a white metal, and is used in jewellery in its almost pure form. Platinum is exceptionally long lasting and because it is very white the rare metal does not need to be rhodium plated as the way white gold does.  Commonly, the natural platinum is located in secondary deposits; platinum is combined with the other platinum collection metals in alluvial deposits.

Did you know that platinum occurs in great quantity on the Moon and in meteorites?  Correspondingly, platinum is found in slightly higher volumes at sites of bolide impact on the Earth that are related with resulting post-impact volcanism, and can be mined for economic purposes. This metal is extremely dense and heavy in weight implying that a platinum ring will outweigh an eighteen kt gold ring. Platinum is a prestige selection and when it comes to pricing and worth of platinum it is considerably more expensive than gold; a platinum ring will be roughly twice the price of an 18kt white gold ring.

I found this incredible site that revealed fun facts about Platinum and this is what I learned about this precious and rare metal:

  • In order to produce just one ounce of Platinum Bullion, 10 tons of rock with a 5 month process is what you need to get your platinum.
  • Merely roughly 133 tons of Platinum are mined per year, related to about 1,782 tons of Gold.
  • When World War II began, the U.S. government stated Platinum as a strategic metal and its use in non-military requests, including jewellery, was forbidden.
  • As with gold, silver and all the other metal types, platinum can be scratched. However, with platinum, there is essentially no material absent from the scratch as there is with Gold.