Implementing Mining Personal Protective Equipment

Excluding banking / finance / insurance sectors, the fields and industries that we recruit in require major safety implementations. Companies from the Mining, Oil & Gas, Engineering and even Agriculture sectors have established the strict concept of a workplace safety culture where all employees have an active role in maintaining safety. How? Through the effective implementation of mining personal protective equipment.

Two of the most critical aspects when it comes to ensuring safety in a working environment are:

·         Safe operation of equipment and

·         Always wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

Even though each industry varies when it comes to ensuring safe working conditions, federal and state laws require that all employees be provided with and trained in the use of relevant personal protective equipment.

Types of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Specifically within the Mining Sector, hard hats vary and are required to ensure safety against the potential hazards of the workplace.

Mining Personal Protective Equipment Training

It is essential that employees are trained to properly use their PPE from knowing the right way of putting on and taking it off to so many other precautions. Something so small can lead to a severe accident that could have been less damaging to the employer with the correct PPE application.Training in the use of the various types of PPE is mandated by law, and most businesses train new employees and hold regular training sessions as part of their effort to create a workplace safety culture.

Safety Saves Money / Mining Personal Protective Equipment

Although it might seem like the opposite, ensuring a safe working environment reduces overall costs. Spending a little extra money on top quality PPE and a well-thought out safety training program saves mining companies in this case money by preventing accidents and expensive downtime. Fewer accidents also means lower insurance rates, and most importantly, happier and more productive employees.


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