With regards to Mining in Malawi, the landlocked country is said to show heavy prosperous signs.

Mining in MalawiMalawi’s mining sector comprises of potential heavy mineral sand, bauxite, phosphate, uranium and rare earth element deposits. Malawi has three heavy mineral sand deposits that have had diverse quantities of work carried out on them. The Government of Malawi aims to increase the contribution of mining to 20% of Malawi’s GDP by 2023.

The three heavy mineral sand deposits are:

  • The Tengani deposit;
  • The Mpyukyu/Kachulu deposit;
  • The Monkey Bay, Salima and Unga deposits;

 Mining in Malawi | The Tengani Deposit

The Tengani deposit is situated in the south of the country and has estimated reserves of over 108 Mt of heavy minerals, of which limonite is the main titaniferous bearing mineral. The Tundulu carbonatite has been evaluated and has shown potentially economic grades of Niobium, phosphate and rare earth elements.

Mining in Malawi | The Mpyukyu/Kachulu Deposit

The Mpyukyu/Kachulu deposit is located within the Lake Chilwa Basin in eastern Malawi. Reserves are estimated at 4.8 Mt limonite, 300 000t zircon and 10 000t rutile.

Mining in Malawi | The Monkey Bay, Salima and Unga deposits

The Monkey Bay, Salima and Unga deposits are all beach deposits located along the shores of Lake Malawi. Collectively, these deposits support an appreciable titanium resource.  Several carbonatites have been investigated for potential phosphate, niobium and rare earth potential.

Mining in Malawi | Rare earth minerals

There are at least five potential rare earth mines in Malawi. The country has vast resource potential, a stable political environment, advanced infrastructure and government support. Because Malawi is somewhat underdeveloped compared to its surrounding African countries, new mining codes and the development of increased attractive incentives for investors is the government’s main focus.

The Malawi Government has embarked on an economic empowerment programme intended to promote and support small-scale mining in areas of import substitution and value-adding services. Strong economic growth has been fuelled by growing mining revenues and the expansion of uranium production.

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