From Artisans to Executives, CA Mining Global Recruitment specialises in mining recruitment for the bustling Mining Industry in South America.

We are aware of the strong demand for precious and base metals resulting in increased growth, development and exploration for the Mining Industry in South America.

On a continent that holds some of the world’s largest mineral reserves and producers, including Brazil (5th largest mineral producer), Suriname (one of the largest bauxite producers), Peru (world-class gold, copper and silver-zinc reserves) and Colombia (some of the world’s largest coal reserves), one can easily understand why experienced and qualified mining professionals are in high demand for the Mining Industry in South America!

Most countries in South America have both open pit and underground mining operations, with open pit being predominant (apart from Bolivia and Brazil, where there are equal open pit and underground mining operations). From drilling, engineering and environmental, to finance, geo-sciences and mineral processing, our diverse and talented team has the expertise to successfully headhunt the right talent for all South America Mining operations.      

Our team is made up of dedicated consultants, each specialising in specific disciplines. We are ready to assist with whatever recruitment needs our client may have for South America, whether in need of Exploration personnel, Artisans, Production Personnel, Management or Executives, we are happy to assist in sourcing whatever candidates our client’s may require.

Our database of highly skilled candidates with experience in South America, as well as the various marketing and networking tools that we utilise, allow us to source high calibre candidates suited to our Client’s needs and the requisitions made by South America. CA Mining guarantees confidentiality for both client and candidate throughout the entire process. No CV will be forwarded to any client without the permission from the candidate.

As a team we have extensive experience in assisting mining candidates find new opportunities in South America and international markets. We are well positioned to advise expats on working conditions in South America and we have an extensive international client base. We pride ourselves in delivering top quality service to both clients and candidates alike, through our extensive knowledge and understanding of the industry in South America.