drc miningThe Democratic Republic of Congo is proudly responsible for the production of copper amounting to 942 000 tons just last year.  

The Mining industry in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is rich in natural resources with an estimation of $24 trillion worth of untapped deposits of raw mineral ores, including the world’s largest reserves of cobalt and quantities of diamonds, gold and copper.

This is an improvement of a whopping 52% compared to the production results the Democratic Republic of Congo produced in 2012. The DRC has a resilient mining sector encouraging true growth of 8.7% this year which is an 8.5% improvement, yet not a match to the targets the government set out for this year.

The economy of the Democratic Republic of Congo significantly depends on its mining activity. Copper production in the Democratic Republic of Congo increased from 619 000 t in 2012, a jump that comes as the vast nation seeks to ramp up production from its south-eastern Katanga province despite electricity shortages hampering the operations of mining firms.

For the Democratic Republic of Congo the lack of stable power supply was trimming potential output by about 20%. The Democratic Republic of Congo’s government has set up foreign exchange reserves in order to make the economy more competitive so it has a buffer for any fall in the price of commodities.

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