It is widely perceived that investing in alluvial diamond mining companies is risky and uncertain.This strong belief exists due to not being able to determine the exact location of alluvial diamond deposits before extraction.

Researches are saying the opposite. The discipline of geological undertakings that applies to resources such as coal, gold or kimberlite diamonds also apply to alluvial diamonds;  airborne geophysics, mapping, drilling and bulk sampling has to be done for the resource to be defined.

Some  alluvial diamond mining companies believe the process of defining an alluvial diamond resource is too complicated comprised with uncertain resource indications or with no resource indications whatsoever.

The funny thing is that most of these alluvial diamond mining companies are bankrupt which has been a major contributor to the negative and the risky perception of alluvial diamond being risky. Geological work for the achievement of alluvial diamond mining is an absolute requirement for success. Adding to this, diamond value management is needed to ensure successful extraction. Diamond value management is achieved by making sure that every single diamond you wish to extract is economically extracted from a deposit. To do this, companies must have a resource plan, which should be supported by a mine plan. The right mixture of technologies should also be used in the processing plant to ensure that all diamonds are extracted.  Companies are constantly thinking of new ways to reduce the potential for diamond theft, which is a very serious threat for every diamond mining company.

The absence of geological work in alluvial diamond mining is the absence of available literature on the success with which alluvial diamonds can be mined. Literature on assessing alluvial diamonds is scarce.

It is important to know that alluvial diamond mining is a specialised field, with limited employment opportunities, as there are only a few large-scale alluvial diamond companies in the world. This explains the scarcity of literature on the topic.