What industry do you work in? I work in the construction field and deal with industrial equipment. What inspired you to get into the construction field? Great experience, a vast knowledge, analytical mind, organizational skills. What is the most challenging aspect working in the construction field? Ensuring safety in the Construction is certainly a challenging aspect to this field. How do you ensure safety and challenges alike? Through the implementation of depth analysis, persistent work, professional skills, ability push the matter through. What can somebody who is new in the construction working the same field as you expect to earn as a salry? It can vary from 500 to 1000 USD. What can somebody expect to earn after 10 years working experience? Roughly 5,000 USD. What advice can you offer others working in the construction field? This is a very important industry, the ability to analyze and to think leads to big results in the professional development aspect. Describe yourself in FIVE WORDS please. Intelligent, responsible, persistant, sociable and leader. Where in Africa have you worked before? I have worked in Sierre Leone.