If you’ve arrived here, you’re probably either seeking to enter the mining sector or simply wanting to further your career in the industry. As a jobseeker, you have many resources at your disposal, from global job boards to LinkedIn to connections. But did you ever consider getting help from a specialist mining recruitment firm?

Recruitment firms are great at assisting jobhunters with finding a job that best suits them – and their services for candidates are free! However, recruiters that specialise in an industry niche are even better for candidates within that specific industry, as they have expert knowledge of and connections within the sector.

That means calling on a specialist mining-focused recruitment agency like CA Mining is your ideal choice when searching for a job in mining. You will be put in contact with a recruitment consultant who will work with you throughout the process.


Having said that, not every jobseeker knows how to make the most of the help a recruitment firm can give them, and sometimes this hinders their job search and chances of getting chosen for positions.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of a mining recruitment firm’s help.

How to best use a mining recruitment firm to help you succeed in your job search

Find the agency relevant to you

Don’t just choose any firm without first looking up some information about them – on their website, social media pages, or even an email – to see if it’s a fit. Otherwise, you’ll just be wasting your and the recruiter’s time.

Check if the agency recruits candidates within:

  • The mining sector
  • Your specific field
  • Your region
  • Your language
  • Your age group (unfortunately, many companies these days have an age limit for applicants).

In addition, you should also make sure that they do not just recruit for your industry, but are specialists in it. You need expert knowledge for the best advice and chances of getting the ideal job for you.

Only then should you submit your CV and contact details.

Remember that you are working with the recruiter, and also let them guide you

A recruitment firm does not just work for you – you are working with them to try and land the job you want.

In other words, it’s a partnership, and you have to do your part to get the results you desire.

This means:

  • Following their advice
  • Tailoring your CV to the position you are applying to as per their suggestions – they will have expert CV advice
  • Sending them the requested edited CV in a timeous manner
  • Following up with them on a regular basis, answering their calls and emails
  • Properly preparing for interviews, and more.

Your assigned consultant is there to help and guide you towards your ideal position, but they can’t do it alone.

Be clear with the recruiter about what you want and your qualifications

Let your recruitment consultant know what you want, such as:

  • The position/s you are aiming for
  • The type of company or specific companies you would want to work for
  • What you need from the position or company and what you value – i.e., lots of benefits, work-life balance, company culture, work hours, the possibility to grow within the company, etc.
  • Your expectations in terms of benefits and salary.

As well as this tell them about:

  • Your qualifications
  • Your skills
  • Your work experience.

Ask the important questions

Your recruiter must stay honest with you throughout the process and promise you certain things as the jobseeker. Ask your consultant to:

  • Notify you before they recommend you to any company for any job
  • Contact you on a regular basis and inform you of how the job search is going and your progress
  • Always tell you if your interview went well or not and if you were successful or not in your application.

Make a good first impression with the recruitment consultant

It’s not just the companies you apply to that you need to impress; you also need to make a good impression on the recruiter helping you with a positive, enthusiastic attitude.

You need to show you are interested and committed, and try to form a connection with the recruiter.

Make an effort to be at least a little talkative and engage in the conversation by active listening and asking questions.

Making a good first impression means the recruiter will be more likely to have you in mind for an ideal job when they come across one.

What’s more,

Be honest!

Being dishonest about your experience, skills, or qualifications will catch up to you in the long run and ruin your job application – or your relationship with a company, should you get the job.

Just be honest about who you are and your capabilities.

Be organised with your documents

Recruiters will need certain tickets and certificates from you, so make sure you check what you need and have them ready to send to the consultant.

Companies usually also require criminal background checks for candidates, however, most recruitment firms, including CA Mining, will help you to get a police clearance certificate fast.

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