You’ve completed, honed, and touched up your LinkedIn profile, from the summary section to your profile photo, and it’s sure to give visitors to your profile a good impression. But did you know another way to enhance your LinkedIn presence is by customising your LinkedIn URL?

Changing your LinkedIn URL to a personalised one is quick, free, and super simple, and can elevate your professional image and your visibility on the platform.

But first…

LinkedIn is an online networking platform for businesses and professionals, with tonnes of tools for job hunters, recruiters, and employers alike. Used by millions, it is practically expected that if you’re in the workforce, you have a LinkedIn profile.

The opportunity it provides users to grow their careers and/or businesses can’t be overstated. So if you haven’t already, first be sure to sign up to LinkedIn and complete your profile, then read on to change your profile URL!

What is a LinkedIn URL?

A LinkedIn URL is a link to your profile on the platform.

You can choose to either set your LinkedIn profile to Private or Public. LinkedIn profiles set to Public have their own URLs (links) that you can share with others.

It will take them straight to your profile, where they can find out about you as a professional.

When you first join LinkedIn, your profile has an automated URL that starts with “,” and is followed by your name and a whole lot of arbitrary numbers and letters.

Why should you customise your LinkedIn URL?

There are many reasons changing and personalising your LinkedIn URL is a good idea, not least because it is so easy and takes practically no time to do.

Other benefits of customising your LinkedIn URL are that:

It makes it easier to find your profile

Having a personalised, easy-to-remember URL will make it easier for people looking for you on LinkedIn to find you, especially if you have a common name.

It helps promote your LinkedIn profile

Customising and shortening your LinkedIn URL means it will fit more neatly onto things like business cards and your CV that you can include it on to get more connections to visit your profile.

Having a personalised URL also means it will be more memorable to those you want to connect with.

It looks more professional

In changing your URL, you can shorten it by removing the tangle of random numbers and letters at the end of it. This will make it look far neater and appear more professional.

Aside from looking professional visually, it also gives visitors to your profile the impression of a technologically-savvy person who pays attention to details.

How to change your LinkedIn profile URL…

…On a laptop or PC

1. Click the dropdown arrow next to the “Me” icon located on the top right of your LinkedIn homepage (below the circular icon containing your profile photo).

2. Click “View profile” to go to your profile page.

3. At the top right of your profile, click the button that says “Edit public profile & URL“.

4. This will take you to a view of your public profile. Under the “Edit your custom URL” box on the right top corner of your profile, you will be able to see your public LinkedIn profile URL, which will start with C

Click the pencil icon next to the address to edit it.

5. Change it to your preferred URL – keep it short. An easy example is just to include your first and last name separated by a dash.

6. Hit “Save” to confirm the changes to your URL. Done!

This will take you back to the normal view of your LinkedIn profile.

7. Copy your new URL from the address bar on your profile page and paste it to share it with other people.

…On the LinkedIn mobile app

1. Tap on your profile picture in the top left of your phone screen. This will open a menu bar. Click the “View Profile” option on the menu, below your profile photo and name, to go to your profile.

2. On your profile, tap the three dots icon next to “Add Section“, which you’ll find in the introduction section below your profile photo.

3. Select “Contact info“, then tap on the pencil icon to edit your contact details.

4. On the “Edit contact info” page, tap on your profile URL, which will take you to your public profile settings.

5. Select the edit pencil icon next to your public profile URL, which you’ll see under “Edit your custom URL“.

6. In the text box that pops up, change the editable part of your URL to what you want it to be.

7. Tap “Save” to save your changes. You now have a customised LinkedIn URL!

Tips for deciding what to make your custom URL

Some suggestions for choosing and creating your new customised URL:

  • Keep it short. As we mentioned previously, this keeps it neat and clean and also makes it more memorable.
  • Keep it simple – see above!
  • Typically, the best idea is to use your name or a shortened version of it, such as the first initial of your first name followed by your surname.
  • If you don’t use your name, use words that represent your personal professional brand.

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