• Mining jobs are found in the mining areas of the mining countries –

I know that this is obvious, however it is vital; living in a mining area of a mining country makes life easier. If this does not apply to you then moving to another country becomes your reality. Mining areas are usually located in isolated areas. Regardless of the vast development made to award miners reasonable living situations, mining camps or mining cities aren’t usually fun.

  • The mining industry works all the time, every day, non-stop –

The mining industry never sleeps. Mine workers frequently work extended hours of 10 to 14 days in a row, with few days off between shifts. The isolated positions of mining operations require some miners to continue in the mining camp for months before returning home. A usual 12-hour shift might also be tough to stand particularly underground.

  •  Most mining jobs are qualified to highly qualified jobs –

This was never the case, however increasing complexity of the mining procedure and involved technology nowadays entails a much higher level of skills, including computer literacy. As a result, most of the mining groups will more likely employ newly graduated students from high school programs in mining or technical school programs in mine equipment.

  • The mining industry is relatively more hazardous and unhealthy than other industries

Working circumstances in mines, quarries, and well sites can be unfamiliar and sometimes treacherous. Even though usually less hazardous than underground workers in surface mines, quarries, and wells are subject to rocky outdoor graft in varied weather climates. Underground mines are damp and dark, and some can be very hot and noisy.

Workers in mines with very low roofs may have to work on their hands and knees, backs, or stomachs, in confined spaces. In underground mining operations, unique dangers include the possibility of cave-in, mine fire, explosion, or exposure to harmful gases. In addition, dust generated by drilling in mines still places miners at risk of developing either of two serious lung diseases: pneumoconiosis, also called “black lung disease,” from coal dust, or silicosis from rock dust.

  • Mining jobs are not only for men

Mining traditionally is a male-dominated industry. Links to Women in mining endorse the professional development of women working in the sector globally, by offering a website with appropriate content to enhance women’s understanding and therefore possibilities.

  •  All kind of jobs are available

All kind of jobs are available from secretarial to driver and from IT to financial clerk. It offers a wide range of job titles, absolutely massive! Clearly engineers and technicians are the most common jobs existing.

  •  Technical jobs in mining are specialized either for underground or open pit

Open pit mines are not underground.

Innovative jobs are coming up with undersea mining development. Once again specialty will develop from standard mining basics.

  •  You better have an interest or a passion for mining –

Working for the Mining industry is quite a challenging choice and requires stamina and passion to be successful.