So I was on the internet doing some research concerning the mining scene in Africa when something so awesome, yet so unusual caught my eye – “Mining Helmets with mounted lamp”. All of a sudden I started thinking a lot about the different types of equipment and gear needed for all kinds of mining operations.

Bramhope Safety Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a specialist importer/wholesaler, supplier and distributor of more than 50 000 CE certified and ANSI approved safety products. The company comprises six divisions and trades through various re-sellers, partners and retail outlets. With operations in 18 African countries, Bramhope is the leading and fastest growing supplier of PPE across Africa.

TUFF hard hat

The standard of the TUFF hard hat takes style and comfort to a whole new level.  A low profile shell, along with a new design and suspension system, provides maximum comfort with a look that workers prefer.  The shell is made with durable injection moulded high-density polyethylene.  TUFF hard hats are designed with accessory slots to accommodate many add-on features.  Novel design, comfortable wearing, elegant appearance characterize the safety helmets. These hard hats are widely used in construction, electric power, metallurgy and many other industries.

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