Through volcanic pipes diamonds reach the earth’s surface and therefore diamonds are found within areas of volcanic activity.  The purpose of diamond mines are to extract such valuable deposits. The mine requires a scheme of excavations in the rock in order to advance access to the kimberlite rock once the diamonds have been extracted. Diamonds can be mined using alluvial mining methods when host rock is eroded by watercourses, where diamonds are deposited as sediment in the stream sands. World-wide ordinary diamond ‘homes’ have been revealed in roughly 35 diverse countries leading to the creation of mines for diamonds. Africa holds the world’s most gem quality diamond producers, predominantly in Botswana.  South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Tanzania and Sierra Leone are all examples of countries in Africa where diamond mines are located. Mining methods in Sierre Leone and Liberia adopt the alluvial technique by sifting through river-bank sand and gravel. African diamond mines:
  • Angola
The Catoca Mine is the fourth largest diamond mine in the world with an estimation of reserves amounting to 60 million carats. Fucauma Mine is expected to produce approximately 480,000 carats over a 4 year timeline. Luarica Mine in 2004 produced roughly 95,000 carats and is still perusing big volumes.
  • Botswana
The Damtshaa open pit diamond mine is around 220 kilometres west Francistown City and the name means “water for a tortoise”. Jwaneng, which is an open pit mine, is the richest diamond mine in the world. Letlhakane mine is owned by De Beers and is the second oldest of 4 mines functioned by the business. Orapa is the world’s largest diamond mine and is also an open pit.
  • Congo
The Kampangala mine makes heavy adoption for the alluvial method when extracting the gems.
  • Zimbabwe
Murowa mine operates as a minor open pit mine owned by Murowa Diamonds Private Limited.
  • Tanzania
The Williamson mine was established in 1940 and it became highly recognised as the first important diamond mine external to South Africa.
  • Liberia
New Liberty Mine will originally comprise an open pit mining procedure, removing ore at a significant rate of 1.1-million tons annually. Diamonds are the world’s most desired gemstone, and luckily diamond mine sites are established all over the world so our limitless craving for such jewels will remain achievable on the condition that new mines are located and current enterprises continue to produce such attractive stones. Source