Insights provides reports containing in-depth intelligence, giving you a look into the latest employment and remuneration trends in the mining sector.

Insights is a fee-based service that offers reports designed for mining industry players, employers, policymakers, and candidates alike. They give customers access to valuable information about the global mining markets, which has been gathered through surveys targeted at mining professionals.

This information enables companies to boost their talent acquisition and retention competitiveness. Additionally, it empowers candidates in the process of compensation and benefits negotiations with prospective employers.

For an inside look into the sector’s employment and job developments in various markets, across a range of roles, Insights is an ideal solution. If you’re not yet convinced, read on for a brief overview of what you can find in Insights’ first comprehensive report, available now on a paid basis.

An Overview of the First Insights Market Intelligence Report

This report was compiled using insights from an in-depth survey conducted over twelve months targeted at expatriate employees in the African mining sector. During this time, through the survey, we gathered insights from 2,472 respondents.

Given this significant number and the comprehensive nature of the survey, we believe the data we collected from this process was sufficient to create a report that is a valuable resource for understanding expatriate compensation in the industry.

Understanding the Objectives of the Insights Survey

The primary objective of the survey was to determine the average net base salary per discipline for expatriates working in Africa. This objective is crucial as it provides a benchmark for compensation in the industry. Here are some key objectives and benefits outlined in the survey:

  • Determining Average Net Base Salary: The survey aimed to calculate the average net base salary per discipline, offering valuable insights into compensation trends.
  • Industry Percentiles: By establishing industry percentiles, the survey provides a clear picture of how salaries are distributed among expatriates in Africa.
  • Key Skill Sets: Identifying the in-demand and scarce skills driving the deployment of expatriates helps mining companies prioritise talent acquisition.
  • In-Demand Roles: The survey delves into the average net base salaries for high-demand expatriate roles, offering guidance for both professionals and employers.
  • Occupational Levels: Understanding the compensation disparities across different occupational levels is vital for career planning and salary negotiations.
  • Pay Structures: The report defines guidelines for lagging, matching, and leading pay structures among expatriates, promoting fair compensation practices.
  • Currency Usage: It pinpoints the dominant currencies used for expatriate compensation, aiding international businesses operating in Africa.
  • High Activity Regions: Identifying regions with high expatriate activity helps mining companies allocate resources effectively.
  • Educational Requirements: The prevailing educational requirements for expatriates in Africa are highlighted, assisting individuals in their career planning.
  • FIFO Rotations: Insights into Fly-In-Fly-Out (FIFO) rotations provide a comprehensive understanding of work patterns in the mining sector.

Data Representation and Adjustment

To enhance the reliability of survey results, specific criteria were applied to identify and exclude outliers. Acknowledging the subjective nature of data, the survey considered self-reported salaries and selected salary intervals.


The report transparently acknowledges limitations, such as self-selection bias and a focus on basic net salary compensation. It also emphasised that the survey represents average figures and does not account for the Cost of Living Index, benefits, and incentives.

Distinguishing Regional and International Expatriates

The report addressed the challenge of distinguishing between regional and international expatriates by considering factors like cultural affinities, geographic proximity, and salary intervals.

In summary, CA Mining’s comprehensive survey provides a wealth of information regarding expatriate compensation trends in Africa’s mining sector. While it has limitations, its transparent methodology, data processing, and emphasis on data confidentiality make it a reliable guide for understanding salary benchmarking and employment trends in this dynamic industry.

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