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Welcome! I’m Athena Japhta and this is where I share my blogs, thoughts and words on the ever popular subject ‘Mining Recruitment in Africa!’ Well, not only mine, it is CA Mining’s blog but I’m the blogger, so yes, technically, it’s all mine in a matter of speech!

I will be co-writing with our social media guru, Zoe Mandalios who also touches on Mining Recruitment in Africa make your experience even more memorable than ever before.

Have you ever been this excited to know about Mining Recruitment in Africa or even just the Mining in general? Get your seat belts on because you are in for an amazing ride through this very interesting sector.

To get back to the point, the main purpose of the post is to give just a short (much like myself) introduction into the world of awesome, ever in demand; ME!

I’ve been with CA Mining since 2012 and with its sister company, CA Global, since 2010.
I started my journey as a Junior Recruitment Administrator and was promoted to Administration Manager for CA Mining and after three years of admin work, I can now add BLOGGER to my long list of achievements. Yippee!

I’ve completed a certificate in both Communication and Office Management and Online Marketing gearing me with the necessary tools to become a blogging superstar. I am ever so excited for this new adventure and the many places it will take me to (while in the office, in my chair of course).

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If you would like to get in touch directly at, you can also connect with me via LinkedIn or Google+.

To all my readers; this is your official welcome to a new era in the life of Athena Japtha, I can’t wait to share this journey with you in the up and coming blog posts.

Au Revoir
Until we meet again,
Athena Japhta