CA Mining is proud to announce the upcoming launch of our brand-new solution for industry players, Insights, this September. Insights is a comprehensive salary benchmarking and survey service providing incisive and relevant market intelligence for companies and employees in the mining sector.

We conduct detailed surveys to learn about the current trends in salaries and benefits across the mining industry. We then use this information to compile thorough reports.

About Insights’ reports

Our reports allow you to compare salaries and benefits professionals typically receive across the different areas of the mining sector. They also include other important information about the mining community and the trends happening in the field. We present all this information clearly and accompanied by easy-to-read and visually pleasing infographics, charts, and graphs.

Our research can be customised based on different factors, such as the role type, job location, specific field, company type, and job rewards. This allows us to create personalised analyses of how mining industry workers are compensated.

The benefits of using Insights for industry players

Market intelligence is power

There are many benefits to using a service such as Insights for both employers and workers, all of which link back to the old adage that knowledge is power. For professionals working in the mining sector, it is valuable to know the packages and pay scale of their positions so they can know what they should expect in terms of compensation and be able to reasonably demand.

The knowledge provided by market intelligence reports by Insights is valuable to mining organisations as employers as it allows them to remain up-to-date on employment, benefits and salary trends which can give them the edge over their competition in securing and retaining top talent for their businesses.

Having satisfied and high-quality teams gives companies the chance to grow as well as attract further great talent to keep advancing their business operations into the future.

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