Aim-listed Botswana Diamonds publicised on the 30 July 2013 that it would receive a 51% stake in the Brightstone block in the Gope region, Botswana. Gem Diamonds and Petro Diamonds were also active in this area. Gem Diamonds is evolving the Ghagoo mine and Petra Diamonds made a discovery on block KX36.  These investments and discoveries are being labelled as “highly prospective”. Botswana Diamonds said it had agreed to a combined project with Siseko Minerals over the 13 licence block. This block covers an area of 6 518 km2.

Botswana Diamonds’ chairperson, John Teeling, disclosed that the company was assured it would discover previously unknown kimberlites in the area. The company has already recognised a sequence of targets in the Brightstone block, and in the next few weeks coming up they would begin with comprehensive work. At the moment operating in the diamond industry poses many opportunities and even more beneficial is operating in this field in Botswana.

Initially discovered by the Botswana Diamond founders, the developing triumph of the new Karowe mine is increasing interest in the country. The Karowe mine is generating large, attractive and highly valued diamonds. Additional factors encouraging the Gope region within Botswana to receive vast attention is the KX36 discovery and the development of the Ghagoo mine.

With terms and conditions applying, Botswana Diamonds develops as the operator of the block and would receive the majority stake by spending up to $940 000 over 3 years. $140 000 is the amount allocated to the budget for the first year.