Stepping out of traditional education and into experiential learning, mine employees as well as students now have the opportunity to take their mining training to another level with Africa’s first Virtual Reality Mining Centre.  

The construction and establishment of the new 3-D facility means that this Virtual Reality Mining Centre allows for industry professionals to mimic high risk mining scenarios in a safe, cautious and controlled setting. The Virtual Reality Mining Centre is situated in Gauteng where the University of Pretoria will be the first and leading higher education institution in Africa to offer this kind of 3-D facility.

An establishment such as this will heavily encourage safe mining operations, adequate training, critical preparation and skills development. Other functions for the Virtual Reality Mining Centre include simulating accident reconstruction, risk analysis, how to respond to potential hazards and testing various evacuation techniques.

This low risk, high impact and learning Centre comprises of floor-to-ceiling screens and will cast 360% 3-D images against the dark surrounding panels with cinematic clarity and with extremely realistic sound effects. Other benefits include the ability to virtually design an intricate mining setup from the ground up and customised design packages that allow trainees to form their understanding of complex mining operations throughout a mine life cycle.

Anglo American’s Kumba Iron Ore has made the 3-D Virtual Reality Mining Centre possible through their financial support and will serve the country’s broader mining industry. The budget for the Centre has amounted to a rough figure of R18.8 million.


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