Tourmaline is a very remarkable and captivating gemstone found in a wide range of colours. Tourmaline has two or more colours in the same piece namely ‘Bi-color Tourmaline’. Stones with a pink center and a green rim, or vice-versa, are called ‘Watermelon Tourmaline’.

Watermelon tourmaline is the rare and rare diversity of tourmaline. The colouring resembles the pink flesh and green skin of the watermelon fruit. The watermelon tourmaline crystals are often cut cross-section into thin slices, displaying a distinct concentric triangular or hexagonal pattern where a pink core is enclosed by a green rind.

In recent years, Nigeria has become an important source of pink and green tourmaline, blue green tourmaline, bi-colour (pink-green), tri-colour, and multi-coloured tourmaline for the gem trade.) Nigeria tourmaline has fancy colours –

  • Pink Tourmaline: Nigeria Tourmaline can range from orange pink and cranberry pink to purplish pink and light pink.
  • Green Tourmaline: Nigeria tourmaline colour can range from pastel green, yellowish green, olive green, turquoise green, rich green to dark green.
  • Blue Tourmaline: Nigeria tourmaline colour can range from deep blue, intense blue, vivid blue to aqua blue. A Nigeria tourmaline with pastel colour tone resembled to those of Main or Paraiba tourmaline commands high price.

In good qualities watermelon tourmalines are much sought-after treasures. They are wanted stones by gemstone lovers and collectors. An eye-flawless faceted watermelon tourmaline that has a strong red and green in approximately equal amounts is the most sought after, and will command the highest price. If you are come across a fine watermelon tourmaline, go for it. You will certainly enjoy this beautiful, valuable and rare gemstone.

It is said that Tourmaline has the power to strengthen the body and spirit, and protect the wearer against dangers and misfortune. Watermelon tourmaline balances the male/female energies and is useful for attracting love. It is also thought to enhance inspiration and encourage self-confidence.

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