Several days ago, Maclean Engineering, a Canadian company that supports and provides underground mobile equipment technologies to regions in Sub-Saharan Africa, had the commercial launch of the latest additions to its EV Series fleet at its research and training centre in Sudbury. The fleet consists of mining vehicles that operate diesel-free. One of the fleet’s new units is the BEV ss5 Shotcrete Sprayer, a battery electric articulated EV sprayer created specifically for use in underground mining and a first for the industry.

Maclean’s mobile concrete mixer truck, the TM3 Transmixer, has also been redesigned as a battery electric unit. Together with the ss5 Shotcrete Sprayer, the new units offer another zero-emissions ground support installation choice from Maclean that underground mining corporations can opt for.

What does the launch of these new models mean for mining?

The launch of these new models means Maclean now provides total, full-fleet electrification across underground mining product lines, including ground support, utility vehicles, and secondary reduction. The ss5 and TM3 offer a purpose-made, diesel-free solution for use in the underground environment.

The ss5 shotcrete sprayer is a total re-design of the former Maclean sprayer model. Real-time thickness measurement technologies and new dosing control have been incorporated into the design to lessen the amount of shotcrete applied and enhance its quality, as well as to decrease the quantity of process chemicals expended. The unit also features a revamped carrier and ergonomically designed operator cab with noise dilution and enhanced visibility to improve the experience of in-cab spraying.

Maclean’s Vice of President of Product Management credits the company’s lab for applied research.

Patrick Marshall, the Vice President of Product Management, said, “Having an applied research lab to connect the fit-for-purpose engineered design work being undertaken by our advanced vehicle technology team with our manufacturing expertise and underground mining experience, has proven to be an accelerator for our ability to deliver tech-enabled mining vehicle solutions to customers around the globe.”

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