De Beers is a mining company with mines all over Africa and with Botswana’s government, jointly owns the world’s largest open pit diamond mine namely Orapa. It is the oldest of four mines operated by the company

Orapa mine is located in Botswana and the name means “the resting place of lions” in Setswana which think is such a great name. The Orapa mine is an important contributor in terms of De Beers’ total production and Botswana’s economy.

With regards to Africa Mining jobs, the Orapa open-pit mine has provided plenty jobs, and production levels signify only more opportunities for workers in the future. Orapa and its sister mine Letlhakane employs over 3,100 workers.

More specifically this valued diamond mine is located roughly 240km in central Botswana west of Francistown and covers an area of 118 square kilometres at the surface. The unusually wide resource, the world’s second largest diamond-producing kimberlite pipe, is in fact made up of two separate pipes that coalesced near the surface around 93 million years ago.

In the Orapa Game Park, within our lease area, we maintain 22,000 hectares for recreation, education, conservation and the promotion of biodiversity.

Orapa History Timeline

1967 – This was the year where promising geology lead De Beers’ exploration team to the area that resulted in the discovery of diamonds.

1971 – 3 years later, production began and diamonds started to play a larger role in Botswana’s economy.

1990’s – A multi-storey, state-of-the art Completely Automated Recovery Plant (CARP) rose at Orapa to handle its own concentrate as well as concentrate from Letlhakane and Damtshaa mines.

2006 – 17.3m carats were recovered which at the time was a world record.

When it comes to searching for Africa Mining Jobs it might be of your benefit to know that there are many opportunities in Botswana as well as Africa as a whole.

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