Angola is the world’s 4th largest diamond producing country by value and sixth by volume. In recent times the country has installed new mining laws and simulatneously discovered an increase in top quality diamonds. After a new mining code intended to attract foreign investment and boost exploration for diamonds and other minerals was introduced in late 2011, there has been an increased interest in the country’s industry.

The country’s production volume has remained relatively stable at 8 million carats per year since 2006. Industry analysts argue that with the increasing Asian luxury goods market, Angola’s diamond output would be positively influenced.

Angola has abundant kimberlites and alluvial diamond deposits, many of those are pending development. The nation’s diamond industry is clearly successfully emerging from what was a long period of difficulty as a result of a civil war, only ending in 2002. 

That’s not it when it comes to mineral resources in Angola, the country is additionally recognised for its significant gold and oil reserves.