Society’s all around the world are the first to point fingers at corporations for being solely responsible for the cause of global warming and climate change. We argue that their carbon footprint is massive and unacceptable. Don’t get me wrong, I completely agree, however, we as ‘individual corporations’ can reduce our carbon footprint BIG TIME!  The 360 degrees diet is the way forward!  Join households all around the world on a life-changing mission to lower your carbon footprint. There are 5 categories to this diet and each day I will talk about a different one. Today I will reflect category 1: What to buy and each day I will talk about a different one.

What to buy is the first category and here people can cut back on their carbon footprint by controlling and reducing how much they consume. When purchasing anything, evaluate and question what you are purchasing, and not just in terms of goods but also in terms of energy resources. Being conscious and critical of what you are purchasing will allow you to see where changes and reductions can be made.

What to buy tips:

  • Check your monthly bills and calculate how much money you spend on water, electricity and gas costs. Try and find ways to cut YOUR carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Select 3 foodstuffs that you purchase often and convert to organic.
  • Concerning cleaning products get rid of a minimum of 3 and flip to eco-friendly brands.
  • For 1 imported non-produce item that you purchase, shift to a type made locally.
  • As a pose to buying new clothing items, attempt to fix or upgrade the clothes you currently have.
  • As a creative technique, use old print paper, magazines, retail shopping bags and other scraps to wrap presents.
  • Items that you only use once rather rent or borrow than buy.

Please share your thoughts and comments regarding the article. It would be really awesome to hear different opinions about this. Do you think this would help? Will you try? Perhaps you should let family and friends know about this too.