If you have been pondering on how you as an individual can reduce your carbon footprint, well there is a legitimate way in which this can be achieved. All you have to do is be open-minded about it and give it a shot. Up to date I have discussed category 1 and 2 namely, What to buy and Food. The 360 degrees energy diet is honestly a great way to get involved in attempt to appreciate the few resources we have left.

In terms of all the ways in which we, individually, can try reduce consumption on all levels, the hardest norm to control and tackle is probably how much fuel usage we are responsible for.  Conditional on where you’re working and living, it might be extremely difficult to reduce petrol output – and even if public / mass transport lacks functionality aspects – there are ways to help you transportation challenges.

Transportation / Fuel Consumption Tips:

  • Drive sensibly: Aggressive driving, speeding and rapid acceleration wastes petrol. Controlling the style in which you drive, and changing to a more calm and slower driving style when on the highway, can lower your petrol mileage by a whopping 33%. When driving around town you can reduce your fuel mileage by 5%. You are saving more than just money and fuel levels by driving sensibly; you are saving your life and others’.
  • Lightweight driving: If you find yourself driving with extra and unnecessary objects in your car or boot, remove them so you are always travelling with things you only need. Concerning smaller motor vehicles more so than larger ones, reducing the weight of your car reduces the gas you consume per km. All these small facts are amazing ways to reduce your carbon footprint.Another alternative is to simply invest in a more fuel efficient car.
  • Public Transport: Set a goal to make use of public transport at least once a week – see at as an adventure, a way to meet people within the community.
  • Flying with Innovation: Make travelling more fun than ever by trying to initialise a car ride-sharing set up.