Africa Mining Jobs and Recruitment

CA Mining specializes in expat mining recruitment in Africa. We have the majority of our mining recruitment team just focusing on the African continent and have worked exceptionally hard to build an extensive database of both clients and candidates in the mineral exploration and mining fields. Our team has a wealth of knowledge and a particular understanding of the challenges and opportunities that exist on the African continent.

We are currently researching trends across the continent and know that iron ore mining has become a popular area where staffing needs and relevant experience are in high demand. We have noticed that French-speaking mining professionals are regarded highly especially in the West Africa Mining Recruitment regions and thus through years of networking and contacts we have built up great connections with such candidates and clients in francophone Africa. CA Mining has created dedicated Africa Mining Jobs Portals to staff large Africa Mining Recruitment campaigns.

South Africa Mining Jobs and Recruitment

South Africa has been endowed with a wealth of mineral resources and is one of the world’s leading producers of Gold and Platinum (PGM’s) and CA Mining South Africa is in a unique position to assist mining companies operating in South Africa source and attract top mining and environmental management talent to ensure that mining remains the driving force behind the continued development of our country’s economy.

Our specialised knowledge of mining operations in South Africa – from Greenfield Exploration through to Mineral Processing – has put us in a position where we can successfully source top professionals across all spheres underground, open-pit and mineral processing operations ensuring our clients are always in a position to keep their competitive edge in an ever demanding environment.

Asia and Australia Mining Jobs and Recruitment

CA Mining provides a specialist mining recruitment service to international clients and sources experienced mining professionals from all over the world to fill roles in Asia and Oceania. Australia is one of the world’s top 3 producers of a variety of commodities and is currently the largest exporter of coal and producing 40% of the world’s gold. It is a country rich in minerals and mining is so widespread that it takes place in every region.

China, Russia, Indonesia and more recently Mongolia, are major players in the Asian mining industry and we maintain an up to date knowledge of mining developments and emergent recruitment needs in these countries. Indonesia is ranked as a leading producer of coal, copper and tin globally. Russia and China are established leaders in terms of Asian mineral wealth and production output, while Mongolia has recently become a major player in the Asian mining industry and has a wealth of mineral deposits waiting to be explored and exploited.

Middle East Mining Jobs and Recruitment

The Middle East contains a wealth of mineral potential waiting to be explored. The GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) region, made up of Bahrain, Kuwait, the Sultanate of Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE holds large aluminium resources yet to be exploited.

The specialised skills required by the mining industry in the Middle East are hard to come by and this, coupled with the unwillingness of mining experts to relocate to remote areas in the region, means recruitment of these professionals has become a complex and specialised vocation. Resources currently mined in the Middle East include gold, copper, iron ore and phosphate. Industrial minerals are mined in Turkey, a country expected to deliver high return on investment in the near future. Chromium, gypsum and limestone are mined in Oman, and gemstones in Pakistan.

North America Mining Jobs & Recruitment

CA Mining is a specialist in the recruitment of highly skilled, experienced professionals for the mining industry. We recruit staff for international projects owned by large, renowned mining companies who know exactly what they want, as well as for junior companies who require our advice in terms of recruitment.

CA Mining provides a professional service to both our clients and candidates and have an in depth understanding of the expatriate mining world, enabling us to answer questions and give appropriate advice. Our consultants focus on particular geographical locations, making them specialists in their focus areas.