Uranium Mine Job Recruitment

Highly skilled locals, diaspora, and expatriates are needed to apply for mid to senior-level jobs in the African uranium mining industry in. A Recruitment expert with 15 years of experience recruiting mining professionals for in-demand positions, CA Mining mobilises staff for global client’s mining projects, playing a part in propelling the continent’s uranium mining sector. Our Executive Search as well as Headhunting services have been utilised by some of the globe’s biggest mining companies and our consultants are specialists in the African Mining industry. To view the latest Uranium Mining Jobs in Africa, visit Mining Recruitment’s Africa Jobs portal.

African countries that produce uranium include Niger, South Africa, Namibia, and Libya, which account for around 18% of the world’s uranium production. The production of uranium plays an important role in Africa’s economy.

A silver-grey metal, uranium has the highest atomic mass of any element. It is an actinide element, meaning that it is dense, paramagnetic, ductile, soft, and malleable. It is also radioactive and tarnishes quickly when exposed to air. All actinide elements share these properties and more.

Uranium occurs naturally in low concentrations of a few parts per million in soil, rocks, and water, and is commercially extracted from uranium-bearing minerals such as uraninite. It decays slowly by emitting an alpha particle.

Otherwise known as a drilling foreman, a drilling supervisor works on oil extraction sites helping to build and shape operational plans and overseeing drill operators.