One of our clients in West Africa is currently seeking to employ an experienced Mine Superintendent for their open pit mining operations.

Job Type

Permanent Position, Residential


Western Africa


Liberia, West Africa

Start Date



For this job you will need to develop short, medium and long term mine extraction plans. These plans need to optimize the profitable development of the ore body in the critical Nimba-Ranges environment with high humidity, developed and scheduled safe, geological and geotechnically sound, world class mining principles. You will also need to coordinate and supervise the business and planning process, which will include the life of mine plans, development of the pit, and extraction of mineral ore.

Review data, such as maps, survey reports, and geological records, and confer with engineering, maintenance, and supervisory personnel to plan and direct mine development.

You will have the responsibility of calculating mining or quarrying operational costs, estimate potential income, and instruct the Pit Supervisor (mine) to abandon or open mine sections, pits, or other working areas. Studying maps and blueprints to determine location for haulage – ways, access roads, rail tracks, and conveyor systems is too a responsibility that comes with the job.

You will need to study land contours and rock formations, and specify locations to install pillars, timbers, and roof bolts, and use of equipment for cutting, drilling, blasting and loading minerals. Liaise with the mill (Crushing Plant) operations group to ensure that optimum blending requirements are consistently achieved to meet plant operation needs is an important part to the job. It is critical that you read mining laws and safety regulations, and issue directives to workers to ensure adherence to applicable rules and regulations. The job requires you  to review and consolidate records, such as ore grade, air quality, safety reports, and production records. Part of the job implies that you tour and inspect the mine to detect and resolve production, equipment maintenance, safety, atmospheric, and personnel problems.
Optimize the financial objectives of the business; whilst training and mentoring the local workforce, to enable them to manage the mine operation. You will need to posses the skill of negotiating with the workers, union personnel, and other parties to settle grievances.

Requirements: Qualification and Skill

A degree in Mine Engineering, Geology or Metallurgy.
Ten-plus years of experience in iron ore open pit projects
Experience working under pressure in West African humid climate
Excellent computer skills in planning software such as AutoCAD
Good communication skills required in English
Supervise, train, and mentor the local workforce.
Proficiency in Database Management.
Committed to the highest safety and environmental standards

Contractual information:
Local, residential status role in Liberia
Liberians encouraged to apply