Underground Trainers Jobs 

What does an Underground Trainer Do?

Those in Underground Trainer roles carry out and regularly develop training plans for onsite training. They supervise and mentor trainer assessors as well as employees and ensure training strategies are followed.

They are responsible for:

  • Training and leading onsite trainers, ensuring training pathways are applied
  • Carrying out hands-on operator coaching
  • Developing and enhancing training processes and assessing relevance and accuracy of training material
  • Assessing and keeping abreast of staff progress and ensuring training pathways are being adhered to
  • Ensuring operators are aware of KPIs they will be evaluated against when operating, and that they understand safety protocols of operating the equipment
  • Ensuring accurate and timely recording of training
  • Curating individual professional development progression plans for operators
  • Upskilling of workers, training for continuous improvement, and providing refresher workshops with the use of virtual reality, machine simulators and other training methods

Candidates are required to:

  • Posses the ability to train and guide employees who do not have previous experience as operators
  • Have experience operating mobile mining machinery as well as experience in underground operations
  • Hold a training qualification
  • Be able to communicate professionally and effectively
  • Have experience leading simulator training and training using Virtual Reality tools
  • Be capable of effectively training employees in situational safety awareness and developing their operating skills to a high level
  • Have previous training experience in the field of mining

African countries require Underground Trainers. To find and apply for a position, please visit the Mining Job Board to see the latest jobs or send your CV to africa@camining.com.