Underground Shift Boss (Shiftboss) Jobs 

What does an Underground Shift Boss (Shiftboss) Do?

An Underground Shift Boss or Shift Supervisor oversees the day to day running of operations and use of equipment at an underground mine site. They monitor and manage the site crews, seeing that they adhere to production and safety regulations. They also train the workforce, which may include the crew and National Supervisors, as well as performing evaluations to ensure they are proficient in their roles.

Shift Bosses must have previous supervisory and leadership experience, are usually required to hold a valid Underground Shift Supervisor certification, and are required to have experience in an underground mining environment. Often, employees also look for candidates with experience in blasting and a blasting certificate.

Qualified individuals are needed for Underground Shift Boss jobs across Africa. If you are looking for a position in this role, visit our Mining Job Board or email your CV to africa@camining.com.