Underground Maintenance Foreman Jobs in Burkina Faso

Underground Bogger Operators play an essential role in underground mining projects, and are in high demand in mine sites around Africa. CA Mining places mining professionals in Underground Bogger Operator Jobs on the continent and highly skilled locals, diaspora, and expats can find these positions on our dedicated Africa job board. With 15 years of underground mining recruitment experience, CA Mining has recruited Underground Bogger Operators in jobs around Africa, including harsh and remote regions. Our in-depth understanding of the skills and expertise required for these positions and network of candidates with scarce skills has earned us a reputation among top global mining companies.

An Underground Bogger Operator operates a bogger, also known as a mucker or LHD (Load, Haul, Dump machine). This articulated mining vehicle is used for particularly tough hard rock mining applications. Underground Bogger Operators are responsible for bogging development and production headings and stockpiles to trucks. Tele-remote Bogger Operator jobs are growing in Africa with tele-remote bogging improving productivity due to its automated technology such as operator-assisting automated steering and wall avoidance functions.

Tele-remote Bogger Operators need to be able to maintain high levels of focus for long periods of time and operating tele-remote boggers is an intensive job. Other requirements of the position include:

● Experience in underground hard rock mining techniques

● Substantial work experience in the underground mining environment

● Attention to maintaining safety and being aware of hazards

● Holding various certificates and licences, which may include certain Driver’s Licences, a First Aid certificate and so on.

Underground Bogger Operators report to Underground Shift Supervisors.

There is a need for Underground and Tele-remote Underground Bogger Operators on the African continent. Go to our Mining Africa Job Board to find Underground Bogger Operator jobs in Africa or email your CV to africa@camining.com.