Underground Longhole Driller Jobs in Africa

Underground Longhole Drillers are responsible for performing underground production drilling, ground support, and other mining duties as ordered. Candidates for Longhole Driller jobs have experience working long hole rigs in underground mining environments. They are needed in mine sites across Africa, with many global mining companies in need of mining professionals with scarce skills and looking to hire qualified locals, diaspora, and expats for roles in their mining projects. Longhole Driller Jobs in Africa, including remote Africa, can be found on CA Mining’s dedicated job board, and we have 15 years of experience in the recruitment of talent for underground mining positions in Africa. With a vast network of clients and excellent candidates, and expertise and in-depth knowledge of the types of skills required for Longhole Drilling roles, we have built a world-class reputation as international mining companies’ recruiter of choice.

Applicants for Longhole Driller positions must have the following:

  • Underground mining practice knowledge and ability to operate underground longhole drills well
  • Capability to drill long holes to a design pattern with accuracy
  • Ability to read mine instruction plans and follow them accurately, operating with skill and exactness to ensure holes are drilled to design profile, gradient and line
  • Conscientiousness when it comes to maintaining safety
  • Extensive experience working in the underground mining environment 

Experienced Longhole Drillers are in demand in Africa. Go to CA Mining’s Africa Mining Job Board or email your CV to africa@camining.com to find your Long Hole Driller jobs available in Africa.