Tungsten Mine Job Recruitment

CA Mining’s consultants work to meet the need for scarce skills in the tungsten mining industry, using their industry expertise to plave highly skilled locals, Diaspora, and expatriates in mining projects. We assist global clients in sourcing the highest quality candidates for jobs in tungsten mines, backed by 15 years of experience in mining recruitment in Africa. Visit Mining Recruitment’s Africa Jobs portal to find recent Tungsten Mining Jobs, from mid to senior level. Rwanda and South Africa are both producers of tungsten, with Rwanda sitting among the world’s top 9 producers of the metal. 

In normal conditions, tungsten, also called wolfram, is a dense steel-grey metal when it is – so, in its pure form. In nature, tungsten only occurs in combination with other chemical compounds. There are two primary tungsten ores, or tungsten-bearing mineral rocks: wolframite and scheelite. In an unalloyed elemental state, it is used mainly in electrical applications. It is also used in heavy metal alloys as well as superalloys.