CA Mining is assisting an operating mine in Liberia with recruiting staff for their team onsite.

This is your chance to be part of an exciting mining project in West Africa!

This project will provide employment opportunities for many experienced individuals in the mining industry. Local Liberians are encouraged to apply. If you are interested in applying or know anyone suitably qualified, feel free to share this post with them.

Mining Jobs in Liberia - CA Mining Africa Recruitment Jobs

Overview: The Mining Sector in Liberia

Liberia has rich mineral deposits and historically, mineral extraction – particularly of iron ore, gold and diamonds – has been one of the leading export sectors for the country.

The 3 major minerals mined in Liberia (all of which are mainly exported in a raw or semi-finished form) are:

  • Iron ore
  • Diamonds
  • Gold

In addition to large iron ore deposits, there are substantial diamond and gold deposits as well as indications of manganese, bauxite, uranium, zinc and lead deposits.

Iron ore mining plays a significant role in the Liberian economy and accounted for nearly 30 % of total export earnings in 2016. [Source: Liberia – Mining & Minerals]


Current Mining Jobs
Nicky ANicky’s Mining Jobs in Liberia

Nico Viljoen, CA Global Africa Jobs in MiningNico’s Mining Jobs in Liberia

Mark Huber, CA Mining Indaba 2017Mark’s Mining Jobs in Liberia

LeanneLeanne’s Mining Jobs in Liberia

James Midlane, CA Global Africa Jobs in MiningJames’ Mining Jobs in Liberia


Andrea Dale1.1Andrea’s Mining Jobs in Liberia
  • CAT Specialist
  • Procurement Superintendent
  • Head of Communication
  • Environmental Superintendent



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