Often referred to as “space-age metal”, titanium is a lustrous, corrosion-resistant transition metal with the special properties of being as strong as high-strength steel, but 40% lighter. This strength and lightness make titanium an ideal, durable metal for engineering uses and applications in aerospace.

Titanium exists within various mineral ores, mainly rutile and limonite, which are usually distributed in the Earth’s crust and lithosphere, and it is found in almost all living things, rocks, water bodies, and soils. It is mined from unconsolidated sediment, intrusive crystalline rocks, and weathered rock.

African producers of titanium include Mozambique, which has one of the largest titanium mineral deposits on Earth, as well as South Africa, Kenya, and Sierra Leone.

Several countries in Africa have mid-to senior-level positions in the titanium mining industry for highly skilled locals, Diaspora, and expatriates. Go to the Mining Recruitment Africa Jobs portal to see the Africa mining job board which lists the latest titanium mining jobs.