Cameroon International Mining Conference & Exhibition (CIMEC 2013), have insisted the government to initiate a national mineral resource research laboratory in the country. Some 400 international investors, mining experts and directors, Cameroonian decision-makers, development partners and other key actors in the mining industry  state that with 60% of the mineral competency of Cameroon unidentified, such a structure could service the country explore its mineral potentials and facilitate mining corporations to analyse their results as well as assist as a source of income for the government.

The event went on for 3 days (May 29-31) which saw the reflection on how the country’s vast mineral resources could be renovated into opportunities for improvement. The mining stakeholders equally appealed for the government to create or attract survey and drilling corporations, endorse the existing resources for national and international business individuals, ensure the respect of environmental rules during the entire mining period as well as make the international mining conference and exhibition a periodic occurrence.

Feedback from government will ensure the placement of a follow up board for an effective implementation strategy concerning the recommendations. The major result intended from this meeting is that for over the 3 days, mining companies, analytical laboratories, drilling companies from all over the world have come together in order to debate what the needed improvements are.

The initial efforts to achieve such improvements shows that government has taken resolutions which allow Cameroon a centre for negotiations in mining affairs in Central and West Africa. Government is encouraging those laboratories that have come here and others worldwide to implant in this country.

The event namely CIMEC,  is good because we are able to have a good networking platform where relevant groups can meet all players of the mining sector in the same place. The professionals now know better the potentials of Cameroon’s mining and this is a positive point.