The South American Mining Industry is a region that CA Mining Global Recruitment specialises in. Please see below the South American Mining Opportunities offered by CA Mining.

From Artisans to Executives, CA Mining Global Recruitment specialises in mining recruitment for the bustling Mining and Mineral Exploration Industry in South America. We are aware of the strong demand for precious and base metals resulting in increased growth, development and exploration for the South American Mining Sector. 

On a continent that holds some of the world’s largest mineral reserves and producers, including Brazil (5th largest mineral producer), Suriname (one of the largest bauxite producers), Peru (world-class gold, copper and silver-zinc reserves) and Colombia (some of the world’s largest coal reserves), one can easily understand why experienced and qualified mining professionals are in high demand for South America!

From drilling, engineering and environmental to finance, geosciences and mineral processing, our diverse and talented team has the expertise to successfully headhunt the right talent for all South American Mining operations.